Color Stain
A weekend with Oscar by Robyn Bavati


Another amazing YA novel from an Australian author...

This is a such a heart-warming coming of age novel. The story follows sixteen-year-old Jamie’s journey, months after the death of his Dad. His younger brother Oscar has Down syndrome, and when his Mum needs to fly to Perth to help her sister through a separation, Jamie offers to stay home and look after Oscar for the weekend. But then Mum doesn’t come home! Jamie seriously doesn't know what to do or who to turn to.

He thinks it’s probably only because of the huge storm in Perth that she hasn’t returned, but days later, still NOTHING. He’s already lost his Dad, and had promised his parents that he would always look after Oscar, but now what?

This is a great story for teen readers that looks at issues like empathy, compassion, disability and grief, first love and friendship. 

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You think you know me?


Olive Grove

This book blew me away...

Discover the power of trees...

There are four big ideas in this book.

  1. Trees give life to the planet

  2. Trees can help us fight climate change

  3. Trees are like beings

  4. Trees need our help and protection

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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.  Chinese Proverb


Sandringham College's most borrowed author in 2020 has a new book...

The Prison Healer is a thrilling new fantasy novel by Lynette Noni. Kiva Meridan is 17-years-old and has spent most of her life working as the prison healer in a death prison called Zalindov. The story was inspired by the author’s meeting with a young woman who, as a teenager, together with her entire family, was sent to prison when her father was seen shaking hands with a member of an opposing religious faction. When Lynette later visited Fremantle Prison in WA and discovered the underground network of tunnels, the story of The Prison Healer was born.

5 dollar canteen voucher to the first student to tell me the most read book in 2020 at Sandringham College written by this author.  Click on Contact library Staff above with your answer!

Fantasy Gaming

Victoria Aveyard has a new Book!!!

- medieval kingdom vibes but with pirates! and monsters!

- a large cast of characters like a morally grey queen, and that one stoic duty-bound character who is adorable when teased.

- great fantasy tropes like a group of strangers on a mission to save the word, old magic bloodlines, an immortal race advising humans, and unexpected fate

What more could you ask for in a fantasy?